In his 38 years as a fine-art dealer, Carl Schlosberg has exhibited sculpture in his Los Angeles home, in his New York apartment, in Peninsula Hotel suites in Beverly Hills and now, for the fourth time, in the fields and parks of Malibu. He's exhibited just about everywhere except the one place you might expect: a traditional art gallery.

"I have much more freedom and flexibility not being tied to four walls," says Carl, who lives in Century City with his wife and business partner, Judy. "It's more fun for me, and I love watching people investigate what they've found in unorthodox settings. They're freer and less encumbered."

"Free and unencumbered" is actually a good description of Carl himself. Throughout his career, he has chosen his own path, pursuing his projects with a seriousness of purpose but never taking life too seriously. As his daughter, Suzanne, puts it, "He never lets a little work get in the way of a vodka in the garden." Known for his warmth, keen sense of humor and generous spirit, Carl has educated and inspired countless art enthusiasts. For his first public exhibition of art in Malibu — the Malibu International Sculpture Exhibition in 1993 — Carl earned the Malibu Times Dolphin Award for Citizen of the Year.

Carl is also the former chairman of the Sculpture Garden Committee of The University of Judaism and has led California collectors on private tours of the major sculpture gardens of the Northeast, including PepsiCo, Storm King and the Isamu Noguchi Museum. A charter member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and a founder of both the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Skirball Cultural Center, he is very active in the Los Angeles art community. Carl is a member of the California Art Dealers Association and has aided both corporate and individual collectors develop their collections.

Carl has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles magazine, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Malibu Surfside News, the Malibu Times and numerous other publications. You can read more about Carl and Judy in published books by their daughters, Suzanne Schlosberg and Jennifer Lehr.