Woods Davy, MAMPOO, 2003
Carl Schlosberg Presents Malibu Sculpture 2010

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Malibu Sculpture 2010 Celebrates Outdoor Art

Art dealer Carl Schlosberg subscribes to the same philosophy as the great philanthropist Jean Paul Getty-the idea that art is a civilizing influence on society and should be made available to the public free for education and enjoyment.

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Knotted Metal—Passersby may have been surprised to see Bret Price’s 30-foot-tall galvanized steel installation piece appear near Webb Way, but the work titled “High Hopes,” seems a timely reflection of what’s going on in the community, as city council candidates cherish hopes of victory, and the current council, whose many projects converge, like the strands of steel above, in Malibu’s Civic Center, expresses hope that its numerous ambitious projects will result in a lasting legacy.