Gwynn Murrill, Four DEER, 1999-2000/2007


With the global community in exceptional turmoil these last few years, it seemed to me that we in Southern California could use a lift. In my experience, the finest way to boost the spirit is to be surrounded by art in the outdoors. And so, I am delighted to present Malibu Sculpture 2010, an exhibition featuring the inspiring works of fourteen accomplished artists, optimists all.

When you visit the Malibu Civic Center area, you will find more than thirty sculptures installed at four eclectic sites: a peaceful tennis club, a vibrant shopping center, and two open fields. The sculptures are exhibited where people work, live, visit, shop, commute and play. I’ve always felt that art has more meaning when you experience it in your daily life.

Some of the works exhibited blend into the natural environment; others provide a bold contrast to it. The powerful steel sculpture that inspired this exhibition’s theme, Bret Price’s High Hopes, soars into the sky. Other pieces gyrate in the wind, glitter in the sun, or ignite the imagination with a splash of color or a current of water.

The stunning environment of Malibu provides a perfect setting for the sculptors’ creative forces. I am grateful to the artists for their energy and dedication to this exhibition and for enriching our lives. I offer my sincere appreciation, as well, to the Malibu Racquet Club, Malibu Bay Company, and Malibu Country Mart/Koss Realty for their cooperation in making this exhibition possible.

Please use the map [to come] for a self-guided tour. For information about private tours of the exhibition, contact me at (310) 556-5430 or csfinearts@aol.com.

Enjoy the exhibition and the magnificent Malibu summer!

Carl Schlosberg